Social Studies

FNESC BC First Nations Land, Title, and Governance Elementary Secondary

Coast Salish food and cooking: a taste of yesteryear:
Aaa siem nu siiye’yu, I have been given the great honour and responsibility of sharing stories of traditional and modern Coast Salish foods and how they relate to the lifestyle and world of the hwulmuhw mustiimuhw. These stories have been shared with me in the hopes of keeping our food system and food history alive.

How colonization dismantled Coast Salish food systems:
All along the edge of the Salish Sea are massive shellfish gardens that were harvested by hwulmuhw people for thousands of years. These oysters filled the beach just off Pune’luxutth’ (Penelukut Island) and while these may occasionally be harvestable in times without red tide, the vast majority of the shellfish in traditional Quw’utsun territory is unharvestable due to sanitary closures.

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